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Completion of the end-to-end


  1. Trail Reroute & Closures

  2. Trail Maps

  3. Parking

  4. Trail User's Code

  5. Trail Captains & Workers

  6. Trail Maintenance Inspection Report

  7. Trail History


1. Trail Re-routes & Closures


Trail Closures

a) Plover Mills Area

Bill 100 has caused some land owners to close trails especially in the Plover Mills area. Hike leaders are advised to schedule no hikes in this area from Plover Mills to Hwy 7 until the issues have been resolved.


Trail Reroutes


From time to time, the TVTA trail has to be rerouted from the route shown in the guidebook due to a variety of reasons.

The following re-routes have been updated as of Dec 2020


Trail Section 1   Southdate road to Sharon Creek

No Reroutes


Trail Section 2  Sharon Creek

No Reroutes


Trail Section 3  Sharon Creek to Delaware


  • 3.4     Follow the path up the steps on the Right, and up the hill and continue along the ridge overlooking the river. You will arrive at a berm which has been planted on the former Delaware Dump. Proceed to Miller Rd. Continue NE along Miller Rd for .07 km until you pass over Hwy 402


  • 4.9      Just after the overpass turn L and hike beside farm field (parallel to 402 ) about 150 meters before descending  steep steps. At bottom of steps, turn R walking along the old laneway for about 50 meters and then turn L. Hike along the trail in the woods about 400 meters before a R turn up another old laneway to emerge to the side of the farmers field. Turn L and hike along the side of the farmers field for about 100 meters before turning L into the woods down a long ridge which turns R.  Hike along the trail about 50 meters before crossing a 16' bridge. Continue along the trail about 100 meters before turning L across a marsh area. Stepping platforms and a tiny bridge over the small stream traverse marsh area. Turn L after the marsh into the woods and then R for about 50 meters. 


  • 7.0        Emerge to the west side of the farmers field. Hike along the field edge parallel to Thames River for about 600 meters before turning L onto the path beside the Thames River. Pass by an old derelict bridge buttress that was for the old Hwy #2 under the Delaware bridge. In another 80 meters pass under the existing Hwy#2 bridge. Turn R at the river and enter the Delaware Conservation area. Cross over a grassy meadow toward the parking lot.


  • 8.0        Cross the parking lot . . . .


Trail Section 4  Delaware to Komoka Provincial Park

No reroutes

Trail Section 5  Komoka Provincial Park

No reroutes ; check  For restrictions.


Trail Section 6  Komoka Provincial Park to Warbler Woods

No Reroutes

*Please note blaze shape changes to white round circle with protruding arrow when in Kains Woods ESA


Trail Section 7  Warbler woods to Byron

No Reroutes


Trail Section 8  Springbank and Greenway Parks

No Reroutes


Trail Section 9 Greenway Park to Gibbons Park

No Reroutes


Trail Section 10  GIbbons Park to Kilally Meadows

No Reroutes


Trail Section 11 -Killaly Meadows to Fanshawe Park


No Reroutes


*Please note blaze shape changes to white round circle with protruding arrow when in Kilally Meadows ESA


Trail Section 12   Fanshawe Park

No Reroutes


Trail Section 13   Thorndale Road to Plover Mills


Permanent Reroute


2.6       Turn R(north) on Valley View Road for almost 3 kilometers. Turn R off Valley View Road at the top of the hill just past Locust Lane Farm. Turn immediately L and go north along a mown path through a meadow parallel to the road. Enter the wooded area still following the path almost to the end. Watch the blazes as you will be making a sharp R. This trail takes you through the wooded  area(approximately 300 m). Then make a L, going down a (could be slippery) slope to the river. Turn L (north) close to the river and continue over the access bridge. Go approximately another 500 meters  noting the large house on the left belonging to the land owner. Keep R of the white fence, turn R at the end, and go up toward the river. Cross a small gulley that was at one time the water mill raceway for Plover Mills mill. Turn L up hill to access road to Plover Mills Rd.

Trail Section 14  Plover Mills to Highway #7

No Reroutes


Trail Section 14  Ebenezer South to Plover Mills (Blue Trail) 

                Ebenezer South 3 km. towards Plover Mills
                    CLOSED BY LAND OWNER
                       No Trespassing


Trail Section 15  Highway #7 to St. Marys

Permanent Reroute

@ 3.7 km in the Guidebook 


Eventually the trail goes into the corner of a field. Ignore the trail to the right leading to the farm, it is sometimes used by trail maintenance workers with permission from the farmer. Follow the left side off the field for 150 meters and turn into the trees between the field and the river.


Permanent Reroute


 10.2     Continue down, cross the creek and follow the trail up the opposite bank. After crossing it, turn R.Follow the top of the ravine                  on the left side until you come to a small lane Cross over a culvert to a fence on the right side of the ravine. Stay on the left                      side of the fence . DO NOT climb over it.

               At the road (Line 3 )turn L. Follow this to the paved road .

 10.8     Turn L onto Perth Road 123. Go down the hill. Pass under .......


No Parking Notice


Section 15 - Highway #7 to St Marys   
Please be advised that there is NO parking along Line 3 at the north end of our trail 
where it comes out at the new reroute. There is parking in St Marys at the tennis courts.
Line 3 is highlighted in yellow on the map below.


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2. Trail Maps


Links To Trails Maps

Map Key

 Map 4

Map 1

Map 5

Map 2

Map 6

Map 3



Check Reroutes Listed Above When Using the Maps


TVTA hiking map




























































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3. Parking


PDF Version


These are the street addresses for the access points pictured on the trail maps


South of London:

Map 2; Sharon Creek Dam - 4246 Springer Rd, Delaware; paid parking; 

Map 2; Delaware Old Dump site - 11631 Miller Road, Delaware; parking symbol is missing from the map; wear high visibility safety vests in the fall when owners may be hunting

Map 2; Delaware, 3 parking sites; challenging hike to the south from Pleasant St.

Bridge Street Carpark - 11572 Longwoods Road, Delaware

Pleasant Park - 7 Pleasant St, Delaware

Tiffany Park - 1 Wellington Street, Delaware

Map 3; Komoka Park - 503 Gideon Dr, London; usually paid parking; in 2021 parking is free Mon to Thurs until September;



North of London:

Map 5; Thorndale Bridge at Valleyview Road - 21835 Valleyview Road, Thorndale; parking symbol is missing from the map

Map 5,6; Plover Mills - 16681 Plover Mills Road, Thorndale; on the old road at the bridge, hiking south only

Map 6; Ebenezer Drive - 16743 Ebenezer Drive, Thorndale; park opposite auto parts business, challenging out-and-back hike to the south, flat hike to the north.

Map 6; 16703 Elginfield Rd , Thorndale,; Just south of Elginfield Rd (Hwy 7),  west of river; park at the concrete barriers; fairly flat hike south to Ebenezer

Map 6; River Valley Golf & Country Club - 4725 Elginfield Rd, St Mary’s (#7 Highway); turn onto the road leading to the club parking lot, park south of the wooden bridge

Map 6; Rannoch Ford, Intersection of 127/132/3   - 1407 Road 127, St. Marys

Map 6; St Marys parking lots and tennis courts. 550 Water St. S.


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4. Trail User's Code


1. Only hike along marked routes and do not leave the trail.

2. Do not climb fences but use stiles provided.

3. Do not open gates unless the TVTA trail goes through the gate and then be sure to close them.

4. Carry out all garbage and litter, even other people's if possible.

5. Protect trees and shrubs. 

6. Leave flowers and plants for others to enjoy.

7. Keep dogs on leash, especially on or near farmland and naturally sensitive areas.

8. Walk around the edge of fields and not across them. Do not disturb farm animals.

9. Protect and do not disturb wildlife.

10. No camping or fires permitted except in designated areas. eg. Fanshawe and Wildwood Parks.

11. No motorized vehicles. NO BICYCLES ON PRIVATE LAND.

12. Leave only your thanks. Take only photographs.


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5. Trail Captains & Maintenance Workers 


To report trail conditions and maintenance issues: [email protected]

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6. Trail Maintenance Inspection Report


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7. Trail History


1968 - An idea takes root

As early as 1968, the London Chamber of Commerce expressed concern over suggestions that the government should purchase river valley lands for public use. It was felt by many that the ideal situation would allow for public enjoyment of these lands without the landowners losing control of their property. With this as its premise, the Chamber Recreation Committee began studying various recreational possibilities in the Thames River Valley, including the feasibility of a hiking trail similar to the well-publicized Bruce Trail. After hiking the area and making preliminary contacts with some landowners, it was seen that the idea of a hiking trail held a great deal of merit.


1971 - The TVTA is formed

Three University of Western Ontario students who were keenly interested in this venture, together with the Chamber of Commerce, organized a meeting of about fifty like-minded persons at the London Public Library and the Thames Valley Trail Association was formed on October 19th, 1971. The first directors were Bill Ratcliffe and Jim Gilpin, two of the U.W.O students; Jay Sanderson and Wilf Lamb of the Chamber of Commerce; and Chris Horne.


1972 - Trail work starts

The University of Western Ontario approved a trail through its grounds on July 10th, 1972.

In December of the same year the section of the trail around Fanshawe Lake was completed.


1973 - Official opening

The London section of the trail was officially opened on June 16th, 1973.


1976 - Trail expansion & incorporation

Over the following years, trail construction, clearing and marking continued with the co-operation of many community-minded landowners - from large property holders such as the London Public Utilities Commission, to many farmers north of the city. The trail continued to develop and finally reached St. Marys, north of London in July of 1976. In this same year, the association became incorporated.

Several years later, Tom Petley developed and blazed a trail through Kains Woods west of London. After Roy Kerr had maintained this trail for many years, the Thames Valley Trail Association took over and named it the Roy Kerr section of the trail.


1992-1995 - Trail completion and links

In 1992, through the efforts of Gordon Jackson, the trail was extended south and west through Komoka Provincial Park. Finally, in 1995, a further extension southward through Delaware to Elgin County linked the Thames Valley Trail with the Elgin Trail, completing a network of trails from Port Stanley to the Bruce Trail. This final extension was brought about through the enthusiastic efforts of John Nolan who carried this idea to fruition, extending the trail from its original length of 60 kilometers to 109 kilometers.


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