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BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                


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Ian Bailey


Peggy Anne Endean

Past President

Judy Kwasnica


Janine Gray


Tom Morton

Newsletter Editor


Membership Director

Peggy Anne Endean

Trail Development Director

Tilman Joosten

Trail Maintenance Director

Ian Bailey

Activities Director

Fred Martin

First Aid Director

Pat Joosten

Public Relations Director


Social Media Director



Dave MacGee

Sean Haddow

Sherry Hong































Co-Chairs - Job Description

Solicit agenda items and send out an agenda a week before the meetings. Check upcoming TVTA calendar dates.

Ensure enough members are coming to guarantee a quorum (50% plus one).

Chair the meeting and vote in the event of a tie.

Communicate needed information to absent members.


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President’s Job Description & Calendar of Responsibilities

Updated October 2015


1.   Attend board meetings or assign delegate in your absence. Ensure that committee leaders and Board members are coping with their duties.
2.   Provide strategic direction to ensure the club is healthy and improving
3.   Monitor motions passed by the Executive and the required follow-up.
4.   Lead organization and planning for the AGM.
5.   Write a quarterly "President’s Message" for the Trekker. Deadlines are normally 2nd Friday of Feb/May/Aug & after AGM. Contribute other articles as appropriate.
6.   Represent the Thames Valley Trail Association or designate a representative for relevant meetings. Write letters of support/concern on behalf of TVTA Board
7.   Review risk assessment and ensure Board makes a review of Club’s Risk Management policy.
8.   Ensure adequate Training standards re: Hike Ontario requirements, First Aid training list. Monitor the Active Hike Leader list with Activities Director.
9.   Sign legal agreements (2 signatures required) e.g. Fanshawe Trail access (UTRCA - May 1 - April 30) & verify volunteer work grant letters.
10.   Be aware of the location of Club assets & club records, computer and associated files, Grosvenor Lodge and other storage, maintenance supplies and club memorabilia


The Document TVTA A-Z was developed by President, Judy Kwasnica. It contains all the information re: contacts with TVTA. It is updated quarterly by the President. It is posted on our website under Members Only Content, Resources


Board members assist with committee work. They also may chair a board meeting or represent TVTA at environmental input meetings or London Environmental Network meetings.


Monthly Duties 


January – advise Forest Lawn Chapel (2001 Dundas St. E. 226-213-3632) of the year’s meeting dates (usually 1st Monday of the month)

Update signature card, financial account authorizations – BMO, 457 Wharncliffe Road,  Brandon Boyle, 519-667-6218

No Board meeting

Contact member Sharon Ashton to enter our club’s name into the London Life picnic lottery – usually Sunday in June


February – attend Board meeting

Submit President’s Report and other articles for Spring Trekker by 2nd Friday of February


March – attend Board meeting


April – attend Board meeting

Thames River Clean Up – Earth Week – ensure there is a coordinator for event (Dave Potten)

Risk Management survey for Hike Ontario insurance must be completed by April 30 each year – sent by Hike Ontario & done on-line


May – attend Board meeting

Sign with a witness UTRCA agreement – take insurance policy with you – UTRCA must be listed on the policy, $2 cheque payable to UTRCA

Submit President’s Report for Summer Trekker by 2nd Friday of May

May 15 – Trail Captain Inspection Reports due


June – attend Board meeting

3 Public Relations events – Gathering on the Green, Trails Open, TVTA Picnic – check with committees in charge of these events


July – attend Board meeting


August – no Board meeting

Submit President’s Report for Fall Trekker by 2nd Friday of the month – advertise AGM date & meeting place & time in Trekker

Submit Slate of Officers and any motions to be voted on by the membership for the membership to read in the Trekker


September – attend Board meeting – 2nd month of the month

Trail Captain Inspection Reports due


October – Ontario Hiking Week

Attend Board meeting

Attend Hike Ontario Summit if possible

Assist with Budget planning & AGM planning – prepare report for AGM booklet


November – Attend Board meeting

Chair AGM – 2nd Thursday of the month

Submit AGM Report and President’s Report for Winter Trekker – 2nd Friday of the month


December – Attend Board meeting

Introduce and welcome new board members – TVTA Board of Directors Binder

Sign lease at Grosvenor Lodge - $62.15/month   519-645-2845 – Jan Dickinson

Attend Ramblers Annual Christmas Luncheon if possible (2nd Tuesday Dec) – Saffron’s, Fanshawe College (Syd Floyd coordinator)


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Vice President’s Job Description

Updated October 2015


1. Cover for the President when he/she is not available
2. Be aware of club issues and assist as necessary in order to assume President’s duties.
3. Learn as much as possible about the club operation.
4. Send an annual Thank You note for the free meeting place (Forest Lawn) and write an acknowledgement for the Trekker.
5. Assist with chairing Board meetings.


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Secretary Job Description


1. Attend and take minutes at board meetings in accordance with "Robert’s Rules of Order". Find an alternate if unable to attend a meeting.
2. Attend and take minutes at the AGM.
3. Collect the year-end directors’ reports and the previous year’s AGM minutes. Copy and distribute them to members attending the AGM.
4. Circulate minutes by e-mail to board members approx. 2 weeks prior to a mtg.
5. Keep a record of directors’ reports for the current year.
6. Keep a record of all available past minutes and pass them on to the next secretary.
7. Keep a record of relevant TVTA correspondence.
8. Ensure lists of contact information are kept up to date. Deliver a copy to Grosvenor Lodge - Jean.
9. Schedule events for the calendar year at Forest Lawn Memorial Chapel (Normally the first Monday of each month unless a holiday, and no meetings in January and August.) ?10. Book the Annual General Meeting date (typically 2nd Thursday in November) with Grosvenor Lodge.


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Treasurer Job Description



1.    Record income and expenses (refer to notes in Treasurer’s manual)

2.    Reconcile bank statements. (Currently BMO at 457 Wharncliffe at Baseline) Brandon Boyle, BMO, 519-667-6218

3.    Prepare Board Meeting Report (usually the first Monday of the month) of any noteworthy financial transactions.

4.    Monitor the status of charitable donations to ensure that disbursement quota requirements are met.

5.   Transfer Balance from Paypal account to BMO account for monthly transactions

6.    Deal with any other financial matters   


1.    Produce a set of interim financial statements ie. Budget for board meetings.  For example, for the Feb. meeting, cover the October –December period.  Provide copies.

 2.  Review Quarterly ING Tangerine bank statement 


1.    Review annual budget at the board meeting

2.    Remit insurance (May) and membership payments (Feb.) to Hike Ontario

3.    Remit premium for the Directors insurance (April)

4.   July - Ensure payment is made for any rental facilities, eg storage, Grosvenor Lodge, postdated cheques provided for year

5.    October – Prepare financial statements for year ending Sept. 30th, forward copy with report for the Annual General Meeting

6.    December – file T3010 Registered Charity Return for fiscal year ending Sept. 30th by March 31st of the following year.  Failure to comply will result in revocation of the charitable registration status and no charitable receipts for income tax purposes can be issued.  The annual return updates director changes, all directors are listed with date of births required.

7.    October to December – file HST refund remittance as a registered charity is entitled to claim a portion of all HST expended

8.    December - schedule changeover of signing authority at BMO if necessary.  Normally, the President, Treasurer and Membership Director are designated signing authorities and all have to sign bank documents if there is a change.  At least two former signing officers should provide a letter to confirm a change as a result of the AGM election.  The signing authority at ING Tangerine bank should be updated if necessary, 2 signing officers required.  

9.    December – ensure that the monthly rent payments are made to Grosvenor Lodge - postdated cheques are provided for the calendar year.  Sign the rental contract for calendar year. (Jean Spencer is contact person at Grosvenor Lodge, 519-645-2845)


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Newsletter Editor Job Description


Printed Copy

1. Edits and publishes the Trekker 4 times per year on a set schedule. Each issue contains the Activities Report for 3 months. Thus the Winter Trekker covers January, February and March; the Spring issue covers April, May and June and so on. The aim is to have each issue in the members’ hands two weeks before the next Activities Schedule takes effect. Last date for submission is the 2nd Friday of the month before the issue is sent out, except for November when it has to be delayed until after the AGM.

2. Sends out a reminder to advertisers a month before submission date.

3. Seeks items for publication from the board and members.

4. Arranges the editing, compiling and printing of the newsletter. Assembling and editing takes about a week but some material will be submitted before the deadline. Most submissions are by email but some may be handwritten or require retyping; occasional submissions come by mail. Editing requirements vary – some items may require spelling corrections and others may need editing or formatting to reduce length to fit the available space.

5. Trekker assistant copies hike information from the calendar and pastes it into the Trekker pages. The pages are then sent asap to the editor for inclusion into the Trekker.

6. Sends a pdf file to proof readers.

7. After corrections are made sends a pdf file to the printer.

8. Collects a printed copy of Trekker from the printer for final proof reading.

9. Makes corrections and sends a final pdf file to printer at least by the end of the month. (eg. By the end of February for the Spring Trekker which is for April, May, June) The printer is asked to have the Trekker printed within 2 weeks. This means it should be ready for mailing by the end of the first week of the month the Trekker is mailed. (eg The end of the 1st week of the month prior to the newsletter taking effect. 1st week of March for the April, May, June Trekker.)

10. Prepares invoices for advertisements and a list of such for the Treasurer. The membership director must be informed if there are new advertisers to ensure that they are included on the mailing list and receive a copy of the Trekker.

11.Liaises with the person responsible for sorting and mailing the newsletters. The team responsible for picking up, sorting and mailing the Trekker needs to be kept informed of the printing timetable since they will collect them from the printer.

12.Maintains an archive of past issues of the Trekker both hard copies and digital.

13.Serves as a member of the board.


Website Duties

1. Prepares a second version of the Trekker for website publication as pdf file can only be up to 2 mb; the pictures and ads need to be resized.


Trekker Format and Content

1. Standard features: - Header on front page is in green (this is done in bulk in a separate printing); otherwise printing is black on white.

2. Front and second last pages contain the same sort of information each time.

3. Other pages may vary in number and content although the Activities Report has usually been towards the back. Recent issues have had a total of 16 pages. Font size and type and borders are the choice of the editor but there have been objections to small font size. (Font size is no smaller than 10.)

4. Front page: contains the logo and title and the identification of the issue. The names and phone numbers of the board of directors are shown. The president’s message is the main variable item – if necessary it can continue on an inside page. Also on the page is the association address, a request for submissions and the deadline for the next issue.

5. Second last page: contains the membership form and the hiker’s code,  and a return address and information regarding publications mail. This page only changes if there are fee changes

6. Last page: contains the return address, space for a address sticker and the postal agreement.

7. Inner pages: the arrangement is at the discretion of the editor but certain traditions are established. The second and next to last pages have traditionally been used for advertising and the same advertisers have had the same space for some time. Other advertisers seem to prefer, with half page ads, that their ad be on the outside edge of odd numbered pages.

8. Content: certain reports are in each issue, e.g. new members and donations prepared by the Membership Director. Others are fairly regular, e.g. trail development and trail maintenance. Most reports are from directors and may include items from Hike Ontario or developments affecting TVTA. Reports on hikes and trips can come from any member or even from outside TVTA.

9. It may be possible to assemble a report on items of interest such as people completing end to ends. There may also be upcoming events to announce such as social events or closing of the Trail (Christmas Day). These reports are assembled by the editor. Reference to past issues indicates items that should be in a particular issue.

10. Within the first four pages a statement is required relating to Publications Mail.



The policy is to accept advertisements that relate to hiking such as hiking trips, destinations and equipment.



The current printer is the Thames Valley Districy School Board.


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Membership Director Job Description

Revised: October 2015



Ensure membership mail and phone messages are picked up weekly from Grosvenor Lodge
Maintain Excel spreadsheet of all members, landowners, clubs and advertisers which includes names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and volunteer activities
Enter new member names and renewal information into main spreadsheet
Maintain lists of volunteers with their email addresses
Mail out receipts and membership cards with appropriate letter (welcome to TVTA, thanks for continued interest, thanks for your donation)
Mail newsletter (Trekker) only rarely now to a new member:  those joining by cheque who have made a request for mailing
Mail out crests when requested – TVTA Crests to members only – End to  End  badges must meet criteria on page 27 of guide book – free to TVTA members – all others $5
Update member registrations on TVTA website and in Membee (new website)



Prepare membership report for board meeting 
Keep statistics on number of members
Prepare bank deposit and send details to the Treasurer
Notify members whose membership has expired that month, until such time as Membee does this automatically
Notify members who receive Trekkers electronically that membership will expire at month end 


4 X a Year

Send names of new members and donors to the Trekker editor for publication
Print mailing labels for the Trekkers
Mail Trekkers and invoices to advertisers
Mail Trekkers to out  of  country members 



Prepare annual membership report for the AGM
Purchase office supplies and stamps when required


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Trail Development Director Job Description



1. Learn about the existing trail and its facilities such as signs and bridges.          
2. Maintain maps and records of the existing trail infrastructure.


Strategic Planning

1. Define issues that will have a long term impact on our trail, such as:

Long term plans by city developers and other planning authorities.
2. Changes in land ownership.
3. Plan enhanced routing of the trail and side trails within the available resources.
4. Plan and prioritize construction of new facilities such as signs, bridges and boardwalks.


Communication & Co-ordination

1. Consult with the Trail Maintenance Director & Trail Captains.
2. Maintain good relations with existing landowners and develop new relations where beneficial.
3. Keep a contact list of city and government stakeholders involved in land development and planning.
4. Communicate changes to the general membership.



1. Organize the addition of new facilities.
2. Prepare an annual budget estimate.
3. Attend the AGM and monthly board meetings.


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Trail Maintenance Director Job Description


Trail Maintenance Volunteers

1. Collect names, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses of new TM volunteers from the membership director.
2. Welcome new volunteers with a personal or phone contact to introduce yourself.
Identify skills, abilities, and location preferences.


Trail Captains

1. Send reminder to the trail captains to submit their annual Spring and Fall reports.
2. Review the reports and prioritise the recommended maintenance.
3. Forward requests for blazing and chainsaw work to the team leaders and other appropriate parties.


Trail Maintenance Leaders (TML)

1. Assign leaders to cover small sections of the trail.
2. Suggest the TML’s organize 3-5 outings per year.
3. Recommend they recruit 1-4 volunteers for each TM outing.


Trail Maintenance Guidelines

1. Strive to comply with Hike Ontario maintenance guidelines.
2. Cell phones should be carried for contacting emergency services if required.
3. All maintenance workers must sign a waiver and be supervised by qualified team leader.
4. All power equipment must be used by experienced personnel wearing proper safety equipment.



1. Attend AGM and monthly board meetings.
2. Organize existing trail captains and trail maintetance leaders, update their contact information.
3. Provide operational objectives.
4. Assist in the recruitment of new volunteers to fill in missing positions.
5. Arrange for storage and maintenance of TM equipment and monitor the inventory.
6. Submit TM reports for Trekker. Thank people, generate enthusiasm, review what has been done, new plans, etc.
7. Present an annual maintenance report at the AGM.
8. Maintain copy of Bruce Trail (Hike Ontario) Guide for Trail Workers.
9. Keep records of trail maintenance for 7 years.
10.Ensure Incident Reports received are dealt with in a timely manner and retain.


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Activities Director Job Description


1. Alert hike leaders of upcoming hike submission deadline
2. Review hike descriptions
3. Coordinate the publication of hikes with the editor of the newsletter
4. Maintain a list of hike leader contact information & certifications
5. Maintain a database of past hiking schedules
6. Attend the AGM and monthly board meetings
7. Organize the collection of the hike waiver forms
8. Contact newly certified hike leaders to welcome them and to provide instructions on submitting hikes
9. Respond to hike leader inquiries about hike descriptions and submissions
10.Communicate with hike leaders as a group about board initiatives, requests, etc. 

11.Liaise with Meet Up organizers. 

12. Add 1 SMW to LEN calendar per month.
13. Advise Hike Ontario each year of hike leaders requiring re-certification. - letter & $5 per leader
14. Advise Hike Ontario each year of re-certification of hike leader trainers. - letter & payment per trainer
15. Assist other hiking clubs with advertising their hikes on our calendar.


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Public Relations Director Job Description 

Revised:  Oct. 2015


1. Attend various community events to promote awareness of TVTA
2. Answer questions re trail, guided hikes, hike preparation, trail guides
3. Transport and set up display board
4. Prepare media slide show
5. Obtain information pamphlets for displays i.e. ESAs, Saturday hike schedules, bike maps
6. Answer phone and email requests for information

7. Prepare and deliver presentations about the trail to community groups as requested


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Social Media Director – TVTA Liaison Job Description


1. Manage the day to day operation of the Meet Up site.
2. Contact TVTA “Open Hike” leaders to consider posting on Meet Up.
3. Post hikes on the Meet Up Site.
4. Follow the TVTA Policy for Advertising Hikes 

 “Hike leaders have the option of advertising on the Meet Up site. Hikes are posted only by the Meet Up Coordinator on the Meet Up site with the permission of the hike leader in question, and only after the hike leader has approved the content and wording of the posting. The hike leader will set an attendance cap. The hike leader is only identified in the posting by first name. No personal information is available to the Meet Up members or to the public at large. The Meet Up coordinator is to report to the Activities Director. Follow the Meetup Policy

 (Approved by Board of Directors, May 5, 2014)

5. Encourage present TVTA hike leaders to participate in Meet Up advertised hikes.
6. Seek approval of wording of group emails from the Board of Directors prior to posting. A copy is to be kept on file by the Social Media Director - TVTA Liaison.
7. Regularly attend the 10 scheduled monthly meetings and offer suggestions and/or constructive feedback.


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Social Media Director – Meet Up Liaison Job Description


1. Interact with Meet Up members.
2. Promote hiking as a recreational and social activity.
3. Educate participants re: Trail Users Code, ESA restrictions, local trail locations, safe hiking practices, risk management.
4. Encourage members to view our website.
5. Promote TVTA membership. 
6. Highlight the volunteer opportunities available with TVTA.
7. Encourage members to train and mentor hike leaders.

8. Offer hikes that are compatible with working schedules (weekend and week day evening) 
9. Recognize that the certified hike leader is responsible for the group and is the person in charge.
10.Seek solutions to problems by consulting with the Board of Directors. 
11. Regularly attend the 10 scheduled monthly meetings and offer suggestions and/or constructive feedback.


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Web Manager Job Description

Updated: 2013


1. Act as a technology resource and facilitator.
2. Provides assistance when needed by the board members who have admin access.
3. Encourages and facilitates site updated by members of the TVTA approved by the board.
4. Liaises with the membership director, Trekker editor, treasurer and guide book sales coordinator.
5. Board membership is optional but may be required to attend board meetings as per board’s request.
6. Provide a yearend report at the AGM which includes statistics such as number of online payments, online accounts, site visitors, Twitter and Facebook followers.


The following is a list of information that must be tracked and handed over to the next person who fills the position. In the absence of a successor the information must be handed over to the president and secretary.


1. Domain Registration 

Recovery e-mail:
Successor reviews contact details on registrar site and update as required.

Hosting Service Provider

Incumbent contacts sales and support to update contact information.

3. Hosting Administration

                      a. Login:
                      b. Password:
Recovery e-mail:
Successor reviews contact details and updates as required.

4. Twitter!/TVTA_London_Ont

                    a. Login:
                    b. Password:
Recovery e-mail:
Successor reviews contact details and updates as required. 

5. Facebook  

                  a.  Login:

                  b.  Password:

6. Blog

                  a.   Login:

                  b:   Password  

     7.  PayPal  


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Directors at Large Job Description


1. Regularly attend the 10 scheduled monthly meetings and offer suggestions and/or constructive feedback.

2. Propose and vote on motions

3. Participate on committees and share your expertise (i.e. Picnic)

4. Volunteer to fill in for vacant positions

5. Learn as much as possible about the club and train to fill in other positions

6. Accept responsibility for extra tasks that occur during the year


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