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Suggestions to reduce TVTA's Overall Footprint - by Teresa Rutten


1. Offer ONE monthly hike in 3-4 neighbourhoods, where the expectation was for people to walk or cycle to the hike destination.

We have several members that actively pursue long hikes (Camino, etc.) and cycle long distances outside of TVTA events.


London, has been actively attempting to strengthen neighbourhoods and invested heavily in developing trail systems adjacent to neighbourhoods.  We could start within neighbourhoods that have the highest membership and availability of leaders. 


TVTA offers numerous options to hike. Splitting the groups up once a month, does not significantly reduce hiking options and has the potential of acquainting ourselves with our neighbours.


Social media, the Urban League, London Environmental Network, various local media and the city - would have a strong interest in RECOGNIZING & SUPPORTING such an endeavor.


The TVTA is a member of the London Environmental Network - what is our focus?


Congestion in London in an ongoing problem.


If we set a specific day of the month and time - coordination would be easy. i.e. The first Sat., or Sun. of each month beginning at 10 am so as to give people time to reach the hike destination.


I would be willing to lead either Sat. or Sun. from Thames Park.


2.  Either have reusable (dishes, utensils) on hand OR habitually have members BYO reusables (food container, plate, cup, bottle & utensils - tupperware works well!



  • This would empower individuals to habitually reduce their waste.
  • Place pressure on businesses to incorporate the PLANET, people and profit within their business plans.
  • Offer inspiration to others!
  • Normalize aiming for ZERO waste.   Waste and recycling contribute pollution and green house gases during every step of their life cycle. As well as uses non-renewable resources throughout the life cycle of each product.  Conflict over resources will escalate given rising population and poverty rates. Waste, recylcable, and litter do not add value. If we developed a contagion in this area, how many value items could London target as a result of the savings?


3. Source local, organic, seasonal, non-packaged produce for our TVTA functions, as this has a lower footprint.  We have lots of creativity within the TVTA membership. This could be a fun challenge.  Suggestion: Hire a member or a local business to provide this service, as they would be able to reuse containers. 

4. Have individual hikers bring a plastic bag, so as to pick up small items of garbage along the hikes.

5. Other?

Most IMPORTANTLY! It is my hope for TVTA to adopt these suggestions as POLICY.  I believe, TVTA would be commended for taking the lead and inspiring other groups within the London Environmental Network to replicate some of our efforts. As well as encourage OTHER LEN groups to provide additional creative ACTION oriented initiatives.


These suggestions would take very little effort, and over time would become second nature.


Your feedback would be appreciated.  I am not techno savvy, yet made an attempt at the following short survey. Hopefully - it works.

Reducing TVTA's Overall Environmental Footprint Survey

Thanks for your time, attention and consideration.





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Danielle Bruce
June 10, 2020
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Sue Clifford
April 4, 2020
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